Maynard Academy of Dance Auditions 

      Maynard Academy of Dance Auditions


If successful, MAD Competition team members must attend at least 1x Ballet class 1x Acrobatics class and 2x Technique Class per week as a requirement. Competition dates and attendance must be of very high importance when entering the team. We perform in approximately 5 group competitions per year, please understand that the performance class is a year long commitment July - July. Our Auditions take place within the last two weeks of Term 2 each year. (Please do not book holidays around competition dates).


Each genre has a costume that needs to be purchased, costumes range from $80 - $150. These costumes are used for our end of year concert as well as all competitions.. We do try our best to minimise cost as best as we can. We require a 50% deposit of your costume bill towards the end of term 3 and full payment is required November 3rd. 


All students must dance in their true age group... 


Dancers who show exceptional,

. Dance Ability

. Work Ethic

. Attendance

May be invited to dance up an age group (all dancers must dance in their own age group before committing to an older age group), there is no additional fee involved in dancing up an age group other than the extra costume cost. There are additional classes that students will need to attend pending on genre, students are also encourage but it is not necessary to attend any extra technique and ballet classes for both age groups. 
(There is no extra cost in regards to term fees). 



Performance Class Ages -

8’ Under – You must still be 8 years and under as of the 1st May 2020

10’ Under – You must still be 10 years and under as of the 1st May 2020

12’ Under – You must still be 12 years and under as of the 1st May 2020

14’ Under – You must still be 14 years and under as of the 1st May 2020

16’ Under – You must still be 16 years and under as of the 1st May 2020

NOTE: If you would like any guidance to what you think your child should be Auditioning for please don’t hesitate to email us directly. If you are unable to attend any Audition dates please inform us and we will organise an alternative.